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Top Follow Mod APK Download Latest Version(7.0.2)

Get the 100% working free Top Follow Mod APK download V7.0.2 link here. You can get free unlimited Instagram followers using this authentic and latest version. 

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If you are a regular social media user, you must have heard this app’s name and might wonder about the hype. There is a lot about this app, and the features it offers are worth noticing. The app offers some unique services that makes it more interesting and likable.  

Let’s jump into the details about Top Follow APK latest version, features, size, and much more without wasting any time. 

How to download Top Follow Mod APK

Follow this guideline to download the latest version of Top Follow APK. 

Click on the given download button, which will take a few minutes to download. 

Picture indicating downloading button, How to download Top Follow APK Download
Picture indicating time zone How to download Top Follow APK Download

Next, you need to open the app on your device and install it. Allow the permissions it needs for installation. 

click on the install button picture showing, How to download Top Follow APK Download

After installation, the next step is to open and log in to your Instagram account. 

Select the number of followers and likes required for the account. 

What is the Top Follow Mod APK? 

This is undoubtedly the first question in your mind. The Top Follow app is a platform for Instagram users where they can grow their audience. Unlike other apps and platforms, Top Follow APK provides a real audience and helps the user’s actual growth. You can easily get used to this app and start your growth journey. 

The users can get real publicity for their Instagram accounts by followers and getting likes, and comments on their posts. All you need to do is earn coins by doing different activities on the platform, and in return, you will get real followers. 

This app is designed to get an equally good experience on PCs, mobiles, IOS, and laptops. 

Top Follow APK APP Specifications

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Google Play Store


Top Follow APK


Top Follow

7.94 MB




Top Follow APK features

Top Follow mod APK is best known for its up-to-date and fantastic features. Let’s look at this app’s best and most attractive features. 

Organic Instagram Followers 

This app provides real Instagram followers that can be a huge asset for your business. The followers follow but also like and comment on your posts, making your account look more authentic. You can quickly gain the public’s trust and grow your business more rapidly. 

Free to use

You can easily download and install Top Follow for free and use it. It does not demand any fee. You can earn coins for free through different activities and tasks and get yourself free Instagram followers. 

Free likes

The likes on your Instagram posts are crucial for your growth. Top Follow APK provides free likes on your posts, making it easy to attract more audiences and build your brand. 

Free Comments

More comments mean more engagement and quick growth of your profile. This app provides free comments that can help you a lot with engagement. Instagram promotes your account if you are getting a good number of comments. 

Buy Coins

You can also buy coins if you want to avoid following other profiles and alternate ways to get followers. It is a safe approach and does not hurt your account. The amount is also low.

Unlimited Followers

The latest version of this app offers unlimited followers. You can buy coins to get unlimited followers by paying little money. 

Safe to Use

Safety and security are the most common problems with using any such app. There is a risk of extracting and using your personal information for their own good. Top Follow APK download removes this fear and offers 100% security. 

Referral Rewards 

Top Follow APK offers you the easiest way to earn coins and gain Instagram followers. You can get free coins by using this app’s referral code and inviting friends. As soon as your friends log in to the app, you will receive free coins. 

Simple Interference 

The first thing users experience in an app is its interference. Top Follow has simple and user-friendly interference, unlike most other APKs. It suits most people, and once you start using it, there is no going back. 

Quick Response

Earning coins on this app is simple and easy, providing quick results. You can get a good amount of Instagram followers in no time. It saves your time while delivering the best results. 


This app is not restricted to Androids. You can also get this app on IOS and Windows. Its interference supports all devices.

How to Get Free Unlimited Coins

Indeed, you would be thinking, how can I get and use these coins? Here is an answer to your query. 

You can get free coins in three ways that are simple to follow. Let’s have a look; 

You get the first chance to win free coins after just logging in. You can get in a lucky draw for just one time. Try your luck to win coins between 100-6900. Remember, it depends entirely on your chance, and you can win any coins within this range. 

The second way is to follow other profiles and get 20 coins for each profile. You can get in touch with other users and build your community. This is going to help you in long-term growth and make strong connections with your followers. It is a win-win deal for each user. 

The third way is to refer your friends to the Top Follow APK download. You will get 200 coins for each friend joining the app. There is no limit on referrals; you can invite as many friends as you like. 

These methods are simple and quick. You can get hundreds of followers and start building your brand in no time. Top Follow provides free unlimited coins and grabs the attention with its opportunity for giveaways. Make sure you are using the latest version of this app. The previous versions of Top Follow APK may not support all these methods.

How do I share the referral code with friends? 

Sharing referral codes and inviting your friends to this app is simpler than you think. Here is a guide for you; 

After installation, log in to the app with your Instagram login credentials. 

Select “Setting” at the right top corner of the screen. 

Now, select codes, and you will get referral codes. You can also read the benefits of using a referral code. 

Copy the code and share it with your friends. 

You can also use your promo codes for referrals. 

You can track how many of your friends have used your referral code on the app. 

How to use the Top Follow APK promo code? 

If you have a promo code, it’s time to redeem it. Using a promo code, you can follow the following simple steps to get free coins. 

Open the app and select “Setting” At the top right corner. 

A popup menu will appear; choose free coins from the menu. 

It will lead you to another page; select codes on a new page. 

Enter the secret promo code and click the “send” button.

After these steps, you will get around 500 coins. A little low or high.

How do you remove re-login info on the Top Follow APK app?  

You need to remove all login info on this app to ensure the safety of your Instagram account. No stress; this is a simple process and takes only a few minutes. You can remove all login info on the app using the following steps; 

Open your phone settings. 

Open the “storage” option on the settings page. 

Select “App Manager” on the storage page to access the installed application. 

Select the “Other Apps” option with the app manager. 

Click on the Top Follow App and clear the cache and data.

Clearing the cache removes all the credentials on the app. 

You are all cleared now! 

Top benefits of the Top Follow APK 

You can get several benefits with some of the best features available in the app. It is a user-friendly app that offers users excellent benefits. You will get the following benefits while using this app, 

Gain real Instagram followers at a good pace. 

Get engagement on your posts. 

Build connections with your followers. 

Make friends and build community.

Select your regional language and get relevant suggestions.

Grow your audience and become famous. 

Build your brand and strengthen your business. 

You can use promo codes to increase your Instagram presence.

Become a trustworthy profile in the online world. 

Earn money and enjoy fame with smart work. 

The best app to get Instagram followers 

Many apps offer Instagram followers, but Top Follow APK sits at the Top. This Instagram followers APK has unique features and simple methods that make it user-friendly and suit most. You can easily get hundreds of followers in a few days and grow more. If you are looking to gain Instagram followers for free and build your brand, this is your chance!

Pros and Cons 


Top Follow is user-friendly, simple to use, and offers a massive number of real Instagram followers in a short time. 

This app shows quick results, and that too for free. 

You can get a big help from this app in your brand growth. 


It is not 100% safe and might cause problems in the functioning of other apps. You need to make sure you are using the authentic link.

The app might slow down sometimes. In that case, you’ll need to restart it


Yes, this app is 100% safe and provides complete security. 

Yes, it’s all free. You can easily download and earn free coins. There is also a paid option available if you want to use it. 

This app provides genuine followers that are long-lasting and help in your Instagram promotion. 

You need to use your Instagram login credentials to use this app. 

You can also buy coins in the app apart from free ones. These coins can get you real followers on your account. 

Yes, the app is available in zip file format. It is easy and safe to install.

Final Say

Top Follow Mod APK is one of the finest of its kind. This app provides you with the free real Instagram followers you are looking for! It has unique and outstanding features that makes it popular. It provides you with the easiest ways to grow your audience on Instagram and build your brand. You can use Top Follow APK and related methods to gain a huge number of followers on Instagram. After detailed searching, I recommend you to save time and download this app right away.

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