Top Follow APK vs eclincher APK

Top Follow APK vs eclincher APK

It’s hard to gain followers on Instagram these days. You need to be smart enough to use multiple ways to grow your profile. There are multiple tools and apps you can use to increase your growth rate. In this article, I’m going to compare Top Follow APK vs eclincher APK. The two slightly different and effective apps to gain Instagram followers.

Using these apps, you can gain thousands of followers quickly. Top Follow offers free followers, while eclincher APK gives you strategies to analyze and apply different techniques to gain Instagram followers organically. Your brand can be a big success by using these apps smartly. Start building your career on Instagram today!

You must know the main points in Top Follow vs eclincher APK before using them.

Key points in Top Follow APK vs eclincher APK

Key points in Top Follow APK vs eclincher APK

Working Principle 

Top Follow works by giving free followers to it’s users. Users can earn coins by doing simple tasks and then convert them into followers. Meanwhile, eclincher APK has multiple features, including giving analytics, stats, scheduling, and publishing your posts at an optimal time. A couple of features in eclincher APK provide followers directly.

Free to Use 

These apps give you so much and ask for nothing. You can download and use these apps for free. Unlike other free apps, these are authentic and ensure user safety. You just need to install and log in to use them.

Increase Followers 

Working Principle 

When it comes to gaining free followers, Top Follow APK is always on top, giving a huge number of followers quickly. I have already compared the Top Follow with some other popular Instagram followers APK like InstaUp APK and Real Followers and Likes APK. Meanwhile, eclincher gives you analytics report and schedule your posts to organically grow your account.

Increase Engagement 

Increase Engagement 

Both apps increase engagement with the followers you have gained. If your posts have good engagement, Instagram will suggest your account to more users, increasing your growth. The insights given by eclincher APK help keep track of the followers and how they react to your posts. You can then filter your followers.

Buy Instagram Followers

You can buy Instagram followers at cheap prices from Top Follow APK. It provides real users in return for coins. But, if you don’t want to perform tasks and earn coins, you can directly buy followers from this app. Meanwhile, eclincher does not provide this facility. In fact, it has only a couple of features that let you directly gain followers. The other features are mostly related to the management of your Instagram account.

Availability on different devices

You can use Top Follow APK on IOS, Android, PC, and laptop. The greater availability makes it a top-used app for Instagram followers. Meanwhile, eclincher is available to use on Android.

Easy Download

You can download Top Follow APK and eclincher APK easily on your device and start using them. Make sure you are using the latest version of the app. The old version of Top Follow or eclincher might not be smooth at times.

Let’s find out the positive and negative aspects of Top Follow APK vs eclincher APK

Pros and Cons of Top Follow APK


Fast Instagram followers.

Followers are legit and active.


Some followers might not be active.

Pros and Cons of eclincher APK


Provides in-depth analysis.

Management tools.


Gaining followers might take a long time.


Both apps are good in their respective style. The decision to choose a particular one always depends on the user.

Yes, they are safe and secure. Your data is not shared with anyone.


Top Follow APK vs eclincher APK comparison can help you choose a particular app to get Instagram followers. You can actually use both at the same time to get more followers and manage them. I found these apps very helpful and recommend using them to increase Instagram followers at a faster rate.

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