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Top Follow APK for PC – Free Download: On All Window 7,8,10,11

Are you looking for more than 5,000 followers APK for Instagram? I highly recommend Top Follow APK from my personal experience. This app has great potential to get you free Instagram followers with minimal effort. The app is made to be user-friendly in all aspects. The app is created mainly for mobile users, but don’t worry, Top Follow APK for PC is also available if you are more comfortable on your PC. 

Top Follow APK for PC

As discussed earlier, the Top Follow app is primarily designed for mobile phones, but many users are more comfortable with their PCs. You can get Top Follow APK on your PC. if you spend more time on your computer chair. Don’t stress if you are using a MacBook; this app is also available on IOS software. 

Getting this app on your PC is a simple task and requires you to install an Android emulator. Many kinds of emulators are in the market, but you can select any from the top ones. The most popular emulators are Nox Player, Bluestacks, PSX emulator, etc. 

How to download Top Follow APK for PC

There are a few steps in getting Top Follow for your PC. Let’s discuss this in detail; 

Install the emulator on your PC:

To use Top Follow APK  on your desktop, you must first install the emulator on your PC. Blue Stack, Nox Player, Dolphin, and many more are the most used emulators.

Bluestacks: Known for its adaptability and user-friendly interface. It is frequently employed for both app testing and games.

Nox Player: The emphasis of Nox Player is on gaming performance, and it provides a range of options for players.

LD Player: Another emulator with a focus on compatibility and performance for gaming. With configurable settings, Menu Play provides a mix of gaming and productivity.

Suppose you are searching for the best one out of them. In that case, Blue Stack is highly recommended because of its performance and user-friendly interface. 

Get Bluestacks:

Use your web browser to navigate to the Bluestacks official website.

You can find a “Download Bluestacks” button on the Bluestacks website. Click it to download the installer. 

user guidance for  how to Get Bluestacks ?

Launching installer:

To launch the installer, find the downloaded file (it should be in your “Downloads” folder) and double-click it.

where is file after downloading ? ,Launching installer

Installation Technique:

The setup wizard will launch. To start the installation procedure, click “Install now”.

The installation will extract the files and components needed for Bluestacks to operate.

how to install ? , Installation Technique

Configuration of the system:

You might be asked to turn on Virtualization Technology in your computer’s BIOS settings during installation. For the best performance of the emulator, this is crucial.

To enter your BIOS settings and turn on Virtualization Technology if it isn’t already, follow the on-screen instructions.

The installation procedure will proceed whether virtualization technology is already activated or after you’ve enabled it.

Setting Up and Signing In:

Bluestacks will launch when the installation is finished.

Follow the setup steps displayed on-screen, which should involve selecting your language, logging in with your Google account, and configuring some fundamental Android settings.

Access to the Play Store:

After completing the basic setup, Bluestacks will grant you access to the Google Play Store.

Now, you may use the emulator to find and download Android applications and games from the Play Store.

Bluestacks use:

Your desktop’s window will launch Bluestacks, which replicates the user interface of an Android device.=

Like on a genuine Android smartphone, you can use your mouse and keyboard to explore the UI.

Set up the emulator on your PC 

Look in your computer’s Downloads folder. “Adhere to the License Agreements,” says the Android emulator software Bluestacks.exe or Nox.exe. Using the best emulator can help you use Top Follow APK on your PC with ease.

How to use Top Follow APK on PC:

Due to variations in hardware and software conditions, you should note that not all Android apps are guaranteed to function flawlessly within an emulator. In order to minimize security threats, always be sure to download APK files from reliable sources.

Consult the documentation or support resources provided by Bluestacks for assistance if you need help with any problems when installing or using the software. 

Once you are done downloading the Bluestacks, download the Top Follow app from the authentic source and avoid problems. Contact support team if you face login issues or any other while running Top Follow on your PC. 

Install Bluestack:

Use the previous instructions to download and set up the Bluestacks Android emulator on your computer if you haven’t already.

Launch Bluestacks from your desktop or the Start menu to access it.

Set up the APK:

The “Top Follow” APK file may be installed using Bluestacks’ “Install APK” option or by dragging and dropping it onto the program’s window.

Download the app:

The software will start to install on Blue stack. The app icon will appear on the Bluestacks home screen after the installation.

Start the app:

Choose the “Top Follow” app icon on Bluestacks to open the app.

Apply the app:

Use the app in the same way you would on an Android smartphone. Your keyboard and mouse will be used. 

If your PC is facing difficulties in running the latest version, you can choose any old Top Follow versions that support your PC. 

How to download and Install Top Follow APK in Windows 11 

Install the Amazon App Store here.

To start the installation, click “Get“. Additionally, the Windows Subsystem for Android is installed automatically.

Visit the Windows Start Menu or Apps list after installation. Activate the Amazon Appstore » (Using an Amazon account) Login.

Download the OpenPC software to successfully run the Amazon Store for users outside the United States.

After installation, launch the OpenPC app. Visit the Play Store on a computer » with the Configure Download button. On your Windows 11, this will automatically download the Google Play Store.

To install Top Follow, sign in to your computer’s Amazon App Store or Play Store. 

Look up “Top Follow” to install, and click “Install.”

Your Windows start menu will now include Top Follow.

Features of Top Follow APK for PC 

You will be amazed that Top Follow APK PC has endless features, such as stickers, grids, backdrops, and other picture editing tools.

We have the most straightforward editing tools for quickly and easily removing the undesirable background from a photograph.

You can easily modify your photo’s brightness, contrast, sketch, pace, and more.

You can edit your photographs, apply significant effects, and generate the personalized memes you’ve always wanted to make.

Advantages & Disadvantages for PC


Easy and comfortable to use for a long time.

Has the same features as on Android.

More comfortable and suitable interface for PC.


Depends on the emulator to function properly.

Might not show all the functions at times.


A computer system (the host) can behave like another computer system (the guest) using an emulator, which can be software or hardware. It permits software or programs created for a different platform to operate on the host system.

Ensure that you only download software from reliable sources. “Top Follow” is a dedicated program; it should be accessible using an appropriate app store or an official website. Avoid downloading software from untrusted sources to lower the chance of malware or security concerns.

Visit the software’s official website to get the pricing details. There may be a free version of specific programs with minimal functionality and a premium version with more capabilities.


To wrap up, if you are searching for more followers on your Instagram account, Top follow is best for you. You can use this app on your PC by installing an emulator, which will help you run the Instagram app perfectly and flawlessly. Top Follow APK for PC offers fantastic features that will surely grab your attention. I hope you will enjoy your popularity by gaining more followers. I wish you all the best. 

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