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Learn How to Hide Your Following List on Instagram

Instagram has reached every corner of the world. Everyone is on Instagram, from your neighbor to the Prime Minister of the country. It has connected the world but took the privacy in exchange. If you are frustrated about the unwelcome guests on your profile and want to hide who you interact with on Instagram, here is a guide on how to hide your following list on Instagram. 

Unfortunately, there is no official method to hide your following list on Instagram. Don’t stress about that; I faced the same issue and, after searching, found a few tricks to keep away unwanted people. I tried a few methods and picked the best ones, which I will share. Keep reading till the end so you don’t miss a single step.

How to Hide Your Following List on Instagram Effectively.

Hiding your following list is not as simple as hiding the likes on your posts. You might think you must private your account, and everything will be good. But wait, it’s a first step; your followers can still see your following list, and if you find someone annoying, what will you do about that? Here is what you can do to achieve maximum privacy of your account.

Private Your Account

The first thing you need to do to hide your following list on Instagram is to set your account private. Private accounts are relatively safer from bots, and still, if you find suspicious accounts on your profile, report them immediately. However, let’s find out how to set your account private in a few steps.

Go to your Instagram home page and click on the profile button at the bottom right corner 

Click on the Hamburger icon at the top right corner of the screen and open settings

From settings, click on the privacy button. 

Turn on the private account option (it should turn blue). 

Remember, business and creator account cannot set their accounts private. Set your account personal and then private it. 

Remove Followers 

After setting your account to private, it’s time to remove the unwanted followers from your profile. You can do this in a few steps; 

Go to your profile and click on the followers to see the full list. 

Search the person you want to hide your list from and click the remove button next to their username. 

Block Users to Hide Your Following List 

If you are one of those who like to keep their account public, I have a solution for you, too. You can easily block unwanted users and keep your following list hidden from them. 

Go to the search tab and search for the user you want to block. 

Open their profile and click the three-dotted option at the top right corner. 

Select the block button to keep them away. 

Restrict Users to See Your Following List 

Another way to hide your following list on Instagram is to restrict users. You can add particular restrictions like the user can’t see your story or know when you are online. Restrict users in a few steps, 

Go to settings on your profile and then click on the privacy button. 

Scroll down, and in the connections, click on restricted accounts

Select the user you want to restrict and confirm by clicking on Restrict

Create a Second Profile 

Another method is to create a secondary profile for following your favorite. You can create an account easily and follow the people you want, keeping it to you only. Most celebrities do this and keep their main account following list clean. Update any profile picture on the secondary account and share a few posts so people don’t consider you a spam account. 

Pros and Cons of Hiding Your Following List on Instagram


Your account privacy is increased when you hide your following list on Instagram.

You become free of social pressure to follow or not follow certain accounts. 

You can control your image in people’s eyes by hiding certain accounts. 

You can avoid unwanted attention and drama over certain accounts by hiding them. 

You can be free of limitations and follow anyone you want. 


Instagram limits the chances of your discoverability. 

Your social interaction will be limited as people usually don’t follow someone who does not follow many accounts. 

People might consider you less trustworthy if you hide your following list on Instagram. 

Your following list can still be seen using third-party apps or checking mutual connections. 


The basic thing you need to do to hide your following list on Instagram is to set your account private and remove the followers you want to hide your list from. 

There is no official method on Instagram to hide your following list. You can still do so by making your account private and blocking or restricting users. 


Instagram, a popular and addictive platform, has connected the world, but users’ privacy is a real concern. You can hide your following list on Instagram to avoid negativity and achieve privacy. If you already have a lot of followers and are facing privacy issues, it’s recommended to make a new profile and start over. Instagram offers several options, like checking who unfollowed you, hiding your likes, and following list to keep growing while keeping privacy in check. 

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