Instagram Limits 2023

Instagram Limits: Daily and Hourly limits in 2023

If you want to outstand your profile on Instagram, you must know all the policies of Instagram. Little things matter the most that you might be missing. You need to know the Instagram limits 2023 before you start building your profile. 

Instagram has strict policies and limits that users must be aware of. If you don’t understand the platform on which you want to build your career, you will only waste your time. 

Let’s understand the details of what limits Instagram has that you can follow to avoid any restrictions.

Instagram Limits 2023 for all accounts

Instagram Limits 2023 for all accounts

Instagram Follow Limit per Day

Instagram pays close attention to your follow count and takes strict actions if you exceed the limits. The maximum number of accounts you can follow in a day is 150-200. If you exceed the limits, it will be detected as spam, and your account may be suspended immediately. The maximum number of accounts you can follow is 7500. If you exceed the limit, you will receive an error notification. 

Instagram Follow Limit per Hour 

You can’t use your daily limit at one time. Rather, the following limit per hour is restricted to only 10. 

Instagram Followers Limit 

The new Instagram limits 2023 allow you to gain unlimited followers. You must have seen influencers getting thousands of followers on a daily basis without affecting their profiles. You can get unlimited followers on your Instagram profile daily. You can take the help of apps like Top Follow APK to help your cause. Learn to use this app effectively and also can go for its alternatives

Instagram Post Limit per Day 

New users might get over excited and start posting anxiously. Although there is no limit on the posts you share on Instagram, it’s better to schedule your posts and share them after regular intervals. 

Instagram like Limit per Day 

As of Instagram limits 2023, the limit for liking the posts differs for all accounts, but it averages around 1000 posts per day. New accounts may be blocked on 700 posts, so take extra care if you are new to Instagram. If you are new, keep your like account within 200-400 posts per day. 

Instagram Like Limit per hour

Instagram Like Limit per hour

If you are a newbie, try not to exceed more than 60 posts in an hour, but if you’re an old user, the number can exceed 120. 

Instagram Comment Limit per Day

The comment limit for old Instagram users is around 200; they can go a little higher if they want. For new users, it’s recommended to comment 10 per day and gradually increase the limit. Also, you need to take care of the comments you make. Avoid commenting on the same thing again and again; it will be detected as spam, and you will be punished. 

Instagram Story Limit per Day

There is no strict limit to posting stories on your Instagram account. You can post as many stories as you like, but take a 15-second break before every story. 

Story Highlights Limit 

Highlights appear on your profile under the bio. You can create unlimited highlights on your profile. A single highlight can contain 100 stories. 

Instagram DM Limit

You need to take care while messaging different people on Instagram. The direct message limit is between 50 to 100. Don’t send the same message to all the accounts. 

Instagram Hashtag Limit 

Hashtags are a good way to gain more likes and make your posts go viral, but trying to utilize all the hashtags under a single post is never a good idea. Choose the most relevant hashtags, and Instagram limits the hashtag number to 30. Make sure these 30 are the best ones. 

Instagram Video Length Limit 

You can create a video of a maximum of 60 minutes through a live stream. The length of the Instagram feed post is also 60 minutes. Meanwhile, you can create a reel of 90 seconds long. 

Instagram Links Limit 

Instagram doesn’t like users to leave and visit other websites. Instagram limits 2023 include strict policies on this. Instagram allows one link in your bio. However, you can post as many links as you want in your stories. 

Age Limit on Instagram 

The latest Instagram limits 2023 has an age limit of 13 years. Users can report the accounts of children under 13. It would be best if their parents were handling their profiles. 

Instagram Character Limit 

For Bio: You can use up to 150 characters in bio. 

For Posts: You can use a caption of 2,200 characters, of which 150 are displayed on the front, and the rest appear on clicking ‘more.’ 


Instagram ban usually lasts for 24-48 hours. It might be exceeded if you don’t stop violating the limits. 

You can post a collection of 10 photos or videos at once. 


Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms, allowing you to build your business or brand. You can take the help of supportive apps like Top Follow to increase your growth on Instagram. Take the help of their referral codes to get Instagram followers and solve any problems you face while using the app. Keep in mind the Instagram limits 2023 before starting your journey. I wish you luck!

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