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Top Follow vs InstaUp APK

Top Follow is one of the most popular apps to get Instagram followers. But you can’t deny the potential of other similar apps. To better understand why this app is better than others, I’m going to compare Top Follow vs Instaup APK.

Instaup APK is another renowned app to get more Instagram followers. You can earn coins through different methods to convert them to followers.

You can easily download the Follow APK newest version and Instaup APK on your device and see how it goes.

Both apps have great potential and greatly help your Instagram journey, but you need to choose the best one. For that, I’ve covered all the essential points of both apps.

Top Follow vs Instaup APK

Privacy policy

The first thing users look up to while installing an APK is the privacy policy of a particular app. When we talk about these two apps, both of them have a good privacy policy and don’t share your data with third parties.


Both of these apps are easy to use. Honestly, I found Top Follow much easier than the Instaup APK. It has a simple interface and is easy on the eyes.


Both the apps are free of cost and don’t charge any money. You can download the apps easily after finding a reliable source.


Both apps are coin-based and offer free coins. You can get free coins by following different methods on each app. The Follow APK has the upper hand over the Instaup APK as it provides the opportunity to buy coins. 


Top Follow is available to get for PC, Android, and also for Apple phones.

Instaup is available on Android only. This is another area where the Follow app tops the other apps like Instaup APK.


The safety of the user should be a top priority of any app. Both apps are pretty safe, but Follow APK is safer than InstaUp APK. Always make sure you are using the link from a trustworthy site.

TopFollow pros and cons


Provide the best user experience with excellent safety.

Available on multiple devices, including Android, IOS, PCs, and laptops.


It might slow down the functioning of some other apps.

InstaUp APK pros and cons


Easy to use and easy to earn coins.

It provides a large number of followers quickly.


Users might be inactive, which might harm your Instagram account.

Special Instructions

We discussed the main aspects of both apps, which will help you make decisions. Instagram can be your best source of income if you have a large following of a loyal audience.

Choose an app that suits you best and not harm your Instagram account. Also, keep track of the followers, whether they are active or not. Most of my InstaUp APK followers were not really active; ensure that’s not the case with you.

You need to be smart enough to use these apps. Understand the working principles of these apps and also of Instagram. You can use Follow app tags and other relevant techniques to gain Instagram followers.


Both apps are better in their own ways. Choose the one that most suits you after trying both.

It all depends on your efforts; the more coins you gain, the more followers you get.


Many apps are providing Instagram followers like Top Follow, InstaUp APK, etc. TopFollow vs InstaUp APK debate always restarts when we talk about Instagram followers APK.

I tried to put an end to this debate by comparing the features of both apps. You can see the difference and pick one for your use. If you ask about experience, I tried both of these apps for enough time, and Top Follow suited me more.

Again, it depends on the user experience, and I will recommend first try and then decide.

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