One person on boarded showing How to Report Bots on Instagram in 2023 – A Complete Guide

How to Report Bots on Instagram in 2023 – A Complete Guide

Instagram has billions of monthly users, and there is always a risk of spamming and bot attacks. Anyone with a public account can view your posts and stories. You need to quickly take action if you find any suspicious accounts. Check out the profiles of such suspicious visitors and remove them if you don’t find them real accounts. In this article, we’ll discuss how to report bots on Instagram. 

Many people use third-party apps to gain Instagram followers and likes, which can be a key reason for bots attacking and losing followers quickly. These apps may land inactive accounts or bots on your profile to complete the number of followers. Getting rid of these dead accounts and bots is crucial to protect your account. Here is a guide on how to report bots on Instagram and get rid of them. 

How Can You Identify Bots on Instagram?

First, filter your followers and identify bots to remove them. You can identify bots if they have the following signs. 

The account has no profile picture or a fake picture. 

The account doesn’t have a natural username. 

The account’s bio is suspicious.

The account has spam comments on posts. 

The account has a lot of followers but very few posts. 

The account may follow many users, but many of them follow back. 

The account is public, and comment more than often on others’ posts. 

You can identify an account as a bot if it shows two or more than two signs. However, it’s not always the case; some authenticated users might show the same signs who are not proactive on Instagram. After authentic identification, it becomes easy to report bots on Instagram. 

How Can You Report Bots on Instagram? 

Instagram bots perform tasks like liking your posts, commenting on your posts, Viewing your stories, etc. All these activities do more harm than good on your profile. Follow these instructions to report bots on your Instagram profile to keep it safe. 

Sign in to your Instagram profile. 

Identify the bot account and go to their profile. 

Click on the three-dot option at the top right corner of the screen. 

Click on the ‘Report’ option. 

Click on the ‘Report account’ option. 

Select a suitable reason for reporting the account. 

You are more likely to be attacked by bots if you use the same keywords or hashtags on your posts. Instagram will notify you once you have reported an account. 

How to Stop Bots Viewing Your Stories

The bots are not only restricted to posts but also view your stories, which gives a bad signal to Instagram. Here is how you can protect your stories from bots. 

Go to your story viewers and identify the bots. Then, click on the three-dot icon on the right side of their username. 

arrow indicating three dot button.

Click on the ‘Hide your story’ option.

picture showing hide you story option

Next, you will receive a confirmation notification where you need to click on the ‘Hide’ option. 

picture showing confirmation button of Hide

How to Avoid Bots on Your Instagram Profile

You can report bots on Instagram, but the best strategy is not to let them come to your profile. You can use the following techniques to protect your account from bot attacks.

Private your Instagram profile from settings> privacy> private account

arrow indicating settings button
Arrow indicating privacy button
Picture showing Private account option

Turn off similar account suggestion from edit profile> unmark checkbox next to similar account suggestion. 

arrow indicating edit profile button
picture showing to unmark checkbox

Hide likes on posts to discourage bots. 

A Tip for You 

Analyze the activities of followers on your profile regularly. If you find something suspicious, like spamming or using your data, report it immediately to protect your profile. If you have a large following and find it difficult to handle followers manually, use third-party apps to keep them in check.   


You need to click on the three-dotted icon next to the username, select a report, and then select a reason for reporting the account. 

Instagram doesn’t have a rule about the number of reports. If the platform finds a particular user going against its community guidelines, it can delete the account with just one report. 

You can contact the Instagram team via their help center or call 1-650-543-4800.

Instagram responds to your emails, but it does not give a response time. If it takes more than one week, it’s better to email again. 

Instagram bots are a real threat as they can get your account banned, decrease organic growth, scam users, etc. 


Instagram, one of the top social media platforms in the world, has a number of benefits. The app also contains few risks because of the huge number of users. One of the major risks is the bot attack on your profile. The activities of the bots on your profile can dent your progress and might get you banned. We discussed in detail how to report bots on Instagram, which can be helpful to you. Create your new Instagram account if the previous one is badly affected by bots. 

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