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How to Quickly Create Instagram Account – Step By Step Guide

Instagram, the most used social media platform, has roughly over 2.35 billion active users monthly. The app is popular in every corner of the world. Don’t be reluctant to read this guide if you are new to Instagram, want to deactivate your account and start a new one, or take a temporary break from Instagram. I’ve covered all the details. 

Let’s find out how to create Instagram account, and I’ll also give you a few tips to smoothly run your account and build your profile better than many others. Unlike many other apps, you’ll be relaxed knowing that Instagram is free to use. You can use a mobile, laptop, iPad, or any other device to use Instagram. 

Let’s find out how to create Instagram account and disable it. 

Create Instagram Account – Requirements 

To create Instagram account quickly, you need to meet the following requirements.

You will need a mobile or desktop with an internet connection. 

A personal email address or phone number for registration. 

A username and password should be unique.

A good-looking profile picture to start off an Instagram profile. 

An attractive bio that can grab the attention of users. 

Create Instagram Account on Mobile

Download the Instagram app from the App Store on iOS device and Google Play Store on Android.

picture showing to download Instagram. Create Instagram Account on Mobile

Open the app on your mobile and sign up quickly using your email or phone number to create an account. You can also sign up with your Facebook credentials.

picture showing how to signup

After you enter your email address or mobile phone number, you will receive a confirmation code; put it in the given bar and click to continue.

picture showing to enter code. Create Instagram Account on Mobile

Choose a unique username and password to protect your account. 

Picture showing to create username

Make sure you have a unique username and password to protect your account.

picture showing to create password

Click on the signup button to continue to Instagram.

Create Instagram Account on a Web Browser

Navigate to the Instagram home page on a web browser you are using like Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Click on the signup button showing below the login button. You can also choose to sign up with Facebook.

arrow indicating sign up button. Create Instagram Account on a Web Browser

Enter the information like email address or phone number, username, and password. 

picture showing information tabs

Click the signup button to give additional information like birthdate and enter the confirmation code.

arrow indicating sign up button

How to Deactivate/Delete Instagram Account Using Web or Android

Are you continuously losing followers and tired of using Instagram? Take a break and come back fresh with the new energy, or If you have decided to no longer use this app. Use the following steps to deactivate or delete your account for both cases. For better understanding, watch the complete video.

Go to your Instagram profile using the web.

Click on the profile at the bottom right corner.

Click on the edit profile button.

Go to your accounts center.

Go to your personal details.

Click on ‘Account ownership and control’.

Go to the deactivation or deletion option.

Select your Instagram profile.

Select whether you want to delete or deactivate your account.

Enter the password and confirm to continue.

All your data on Instagram will be removed as soon as you delete your account. However, it remains intact if you temporarily deactivate your account. The steps are similar for Android devices.

How to Deactivate Instagram Account on iOS Devices

To deactivate your Instagram Account is as simple as it is to create Instagram account. Follow these easy steps; 

Login to your account using your apple phone. 

Click on the profile option showing at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Click on the three horizontal lines at the right corner to open the menu. 

Click on the ‘settings’ by scrolling down in the menu. 

Click on the account and select the ‘Temporarily deactivate account’ option from delete account. 

Provide a reason for disabling your account and re-enter the password. 

Click on the account and select the ‘Temporarily deactivate account’ option from the delete account. 

Your data on the profile will remain intact, and you can continue from where you left off. Meanwhile, you can hide posts like and bio on your account. The steps are the same for iPad and MacBook.

Pros and Cons of Creating Account on Instagram


You can grab several opportunities offered by Instagram. 

Helps in connection building. 

You can connect with the world and stay updated. 


The platform is addictive and consumes your time.

Building the profile might take a long time. 


Yes, you need a phone number to sign up for an Instagram account, as you get a confirmation code on it. 

You can deactivate your Instagram account for as long as you want until you want to come back. 

Yes, you can use a desktop or laptop to sign up to Instagram. 

Yes, you can create 2 Instagram accounts and switch accounts easily to use a particular one.


In conclusion, to create Instagram account is a simple and quick process. As Instagram has several positive and negative points, it might sometimes be frustrating. The best solution is to take a short break and come back with new strategies. Even celebrities with huge followings use this strategy, and it mostly works. 

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