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How to Stop Losing Followers On Instagram? – A Complete Guide

Instagram follower count is not always constant. It keeps fluctuating depending on your content and the strategies you are using. But if you are losing followers on Instagram constantly, that’s a worrying sign. I’ll let you know the main reasons behind losing too many followers, which you can overcome to strengthen your profile. 

Nowadays, many people take the help of supporting apps to gain followers and engagement on their profiles. Getting followers is not a problem anymore, but sustaining your followers can be challenging. You need to identify and overcome your mistakes so you stop losing followers on Instagram. 

Why Am I Losing Followers On Instagram?

Many reasons could cause you to lose followers on Instagram, including low-quality content, inconsistent posting, being too promotional, overusing follower apps, etc. All these reasons can cause losing followers on Instagram quickly. You need to be consistent with your quality content and engage your followers. 

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These reasons can cause you to shadowban on Instagram as the platform has certain limits. Shadowban is when Instagram restricts or bans your content from being viewed by other users without informing you. The shadowban could be temporary or permanent, and you can reserve it by not repeating the mistakes you made earlier. 

Let’s discuss the main reasons for losing followers on Instagram and how you can fix them to sustain your follower count. 

Low-Quality Content 

The first thing you need to do to stop losing followers on Instagram is to produce high-quality and relevant content. Build your profile on a certain niche and post attractive, high-quality content. The high-quality content will attract your followers and ultimately increase engagement on your profile, giving Instagram a reason to promote your profile.

How to Fix Low-Quality Content

 Analyze your profile and compare it with your competitors to see where to improve. Read the instructions from Instagram and implement them to produce better content. Also, keep an eye on the trending topics to create the latest and most engaging content. 

Inconsistent Posting 

The quality content alone can’t help you much on Instagram. You also need to be consistent with your work. Instagram highly prefers profiles with quality and consistent work. Your followers, too, will get used to engaging with your content if you post regularly and at particular times. 

How to Fix Inconsistent Posting Issue

You must deeply analyze your followers’ engagement times and choose a suitable time for your posts. Also, check your performance on different days and select when you will get the most reach and engagement. 

Getting Inorganic Followers 

Nowadays, buying followers on Instagram is common, but there should be a limit to that. Getting a lot of followers on Instagram who are not active will only harm your profile. Ensure the followers are active and engaged in your content to increase your reach.

How to Fix this issue

You must carefully pick an app that gives you real Instagram followers and help your cause. Avoid buying a large number of followers at the same time. Track the response of your followers and remove the inactive ones. This will immediately help you retain followers on Instagram. 

Use of Boring Captions

Captions are like the headlines of your content and are a main source of attracting followers. The use of boring and repetitive captions can badly impact your profile reach. Your post caption is the first thing a user notices and should be attractive. 

How to avoid using boring captions

Check out the captions used by celebrities and big accounts on Instagram. Once you know how an attractive caption looks, you’ll get used to producing the same quality every time. Also, find attractive captions for Instagram posts on the internet and try to use them. 

No or Repetitive Use of Hashtags 

You are in trouble if you are not using the hashtags or the same hashtags repeatedly. Hashtags can greatly increase your reach and chances of your posts going viral. Most people don’t know, but using the same hashtags in every post will be counted as spamming and harm your profile. 

How to Fix No or Repetitive use of hashtags

Search for the relevant and trending hashtags and use a mix of high and medium-volume hashtags. Do not repeat the hashtags in your posts; spend a good time finding profitable hashtags. 

Being Too Promotional 

One of the other reasons you are losing followers on Instagram could be being too promotional. Instagram’s main focus is to connect with others rather than promotions. The main focus should be building connections and occasionally doing promotional work. 

How to avoid using boring captions

Focus on organic growth and keep the promotions in balance. Work with authentic brands; otherwise, it will be of no use. Hide likes count if you are worried about too many promotional offers. 


It could be because of the inconsistent and low-quality work. Also, violating Instagram privacy policies can harm your profile. 

Focus on producing high-quality and engaging content. Keep consistency with your work and avoid bypassing Instagram policies. 

Ensure you are not violating Instagram policies and are inconsistent with your posting schedule. 


Instagram, a popular social media platform, has multiple benefits and drawbacks, it completely depends on your usage. The platform has the potential to reward big if you use it smartly. You must stick to the basics and follow simple and easy steps to sustain your profile and followers. Once you bring quality and consistency to your work, you’ll only get better and stop losing followers on Instagram. I hope this guide will benefit you! 

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